Royal Release

War Of The Hearts 3

The stakes are high and everyone is playing for keeps. With Pat going to the grand jury to testify, Ares and Alroy are sweating bullets. Everything that Ares has worked hard to keep hidden is about to be exposed, and there’s nothing he can do about it. Athena’s behavior has been a bit strange and distant, but he feels it’s the stress from this case and Sable’s pregnancy that has him overeating. Only if some miracle could take place to get rid of all the common factors that are creating chaos, Ares would be able to breathe a sigh of relief.

Hermes is at wits end over Tyche following him and busting out Hera’s window. He’s had to work extra hard to convince Hera to keep having an affair with him, but after Tyche’s little stunt, Hera isn’t having anything to do with him. As a result, Hermes has been acting more distant than ever towards her and people are starting to take note. Now, Tyche’s starting to reconsider what really matters in their relationship, because now she’s the one who has to satisfy Hermes…all the time, and that’s a full time job in itself. However, being the wife of the most powerful man in St. Louis meant everything to Tyche, and she refused to have it taken away. However, she has one more card to play and it could be the one that wins her the game.

Athena is faced with a dilemma that she can’t escape, but she knew it was the best course of action for everyone involved. Protecting Ares was the bottom line that Athena felt was most important, and she would do whatever it took to keep him safe by any means necessary. That even included being accepting of his son with Sable. However, she knew that as long as she had his heart, a child wouldn’t be enough to take him away. Everyone will be tested and tempers will be high when the chips fall where they lay. Who will win and who will lose in this War of the Hearts?