Royal Release

War Of The Hearts 2

Emotions are running high now that lines have been drawn. Athena felt vindicated after throwing all of Sable’s clothes over the balcony. Also, she skillfully grabbed a file out of Sable’s safe that had some inflammatory information on Ares. Sable was convinced that it was Athena’s sneaky ass that had come up in her apartment and violated her, so when Sergeant Day came to investigate the crime, and found out Sable was Ares’s estranged girlfriend, an interesting friendship emerged between the two of them, out of Kem’s necessity to get rid of Ares.

Hermes’s affair with Hera is in full swing, and their feelings are starting to get deeper for each other. Hermes is getting tired of Tyche’s self-absorbed attitude, and his actions are making her start to take notice. His behavior has gotten real disrespectful, and when Sable mentions seeing Hermes and Hera coming out of a closet at a gala Tyche had thrown for the holidays, let’s just say, the shit gets real!

Ares is under a lot of pressure to deliver big results on several things on his plate. Royce is still nowhere to be found, and the sudden disappearance of an important book that has all of his and Alroy’s illegal dealings goes missing. The urgency to find Royce becomes top priority over everything. Ares and Athena’s relationship has turned up a notch, and with Sable due to give birth soon, Ares is contemplating suing for sole custody and asking Athena to step in to be his unborn child’s mother. What’s going to happen when truths have to be told, and egos clash between Ares and Athena? Who’s going to win The War of the Hearts?