Royal Release

War Of The Hearts

Life has a way of doing a 360-degree turn, and for Athena Burgess, hers is about to come in full circle when she returns home to St. Louis, Missouri after eight years. She abruptly ran to Kansas City to live with her mother and finish out her senior year of high school after Hermes Rogers, one of the most popular boys at her high school, broke Athena’s heart. Things have changed in the time she was gone, and Hermes was just elected Mayor of St. Louis. How will she react when they come face to face for the first time after all of these years?

Hermes Rogers rose to the top quickly as a promising young politician. He gained an aldermanic seat right out of college, and married his high school sweetheart, Tyche (pronounced Tike-ee), shortly after his election. They are a young power couple looking to go all the way to the top, no matter the cost. And with Hermes’s father being the biggest drug dealer in the city and Tyche’s father being a state senator, there’s no way they could lose, right?

Ares Cooper is a prominent attorney who took over his father’s law practice fresh out of law school. He always wanted to be like his father, and when Kevin Cooper was appointed a seat on the Supreme Court of Missouri, it was one of the proudest moments Ares had ever experienced, until his best friend since grade school, became Mayor of St. Louis. Everything’s going great in life for everyone, until Athena walks into the Mayoral Inauguration Ball, unexpectedly with her father, Chief Abraham Burgess, of the St. Louis Police Department. Now… Things are going to get a little interesting.