Royal Release

When A Real Man Loves You 3

Selena has done some things that don’t make her proud. Dating a married man who has two kids of his own didn’t stop her from wanting to have a life with him. She fell into that crazy saying, having a piece of a man is better than having no man at all. She became Theo Carter’s mistress and to their union, Zell and Boz were born. 

Zell and Boz have worshiped the ground their father, Theo, used to walk on. According to what Selena told them their entire life, he was a Real Man who would do anything for her and his girls. Once they find out the truth about their parents’ relationship, will they be able to forgive their mother for birthing them into a dysfunctional family?

Selena finds out she and her girls have had an extra set of eyes watching their every move. Blaze left Dallas and started a new life far away from the city that dealt him just as much pain as it did wealth. Although Blaze left, he kept his hand on his little sisters’ lives without them knowing. A mishap suddenly puts all four of Theo’s kids in the same room. Will they be able to put their father’s infidelity behind them and develop a sibling love that heals the pain of broken trust?