Royal Release

When A Thug Has Feelings 2

by Senoj

“Must be nice, having someone who understands that a thug has feelings too.”- Lyfe Jennings

The drama, sex, twists, and turns return, picking up right where part one left off.
After Menace and Renzo are ambushed by a drive-by, a shootout transpires, leaving Menace fighting for his life. While on the ambulance, Niya revealed a shocking secret: the baby she was pregnant with, is now a seven-year-old boy, Dreon Jr. If Menace pulls through, he is not only faced with the pressure of making sure he finds out who is responsible for the attempt on his life but the betrayal of Niya keeping his son from him for seven years!

Niya, always seen as the good girl, isn’t as innocent as she seems, now that the cat is out the bag. The stress of everything, including the possibility of losing Menace, has left her an emotional wreck, and she doesn’t know where to turn, as her poor choices are now hanging over her head.

Best friend YaYa is also on a mission to dig herself out of the trouble she’s gotten herself in. She just hopes that she will be able to secure her friendship with Niya and a love with Renzo.

Renzo, who for the first time in a while, has feelings that he isn’t running away from with YaYa, but her shady ways are making it hard for him to trust her. Will they end up together after everything has been laid on the table?

Enjoy the final ride with the crew as they navigate the streets of love, sex, and lies. Will everyone get their happy ending?

Read and find out if the tables are turned when thugs have feelings.

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