Royal Release

When A Thug Loves His Girl 3

Kyme and Kwad hit a major snag when Kwad is arrested. While he is down, Kwad expects for his wife to be the one person to have his back, but the chaotic life the Kwad lives proves to be too much, and Kyme flees and fall into the arms of Gerald, seeking comfort, peace, and understanding.

The saying is the grass is not always greener on the other side. Kyme finds this to be true and reaches out to the one person she knows will save her when things go left while she is with Gerald. Kwad’s love for Kyme seems to cloud his judgement, and Braggs is the first to point it out. Kwad is adamant that he can run things in the streets and love Kyme too.
Drama seems to love this couple just as much as they love one another. Kyme ends up pregnant and is unsure who the father may be. Is it Kwad or Gerald? Kwad’s ex goes missing after she was set to testify, and he is left with his daughter to take care of. Friends and family turns into enemies and foes as this couple fights for their love.

In this game, there are not many people you can trust, and Kwad and Kyme finds that out the hard way. Some of the people that are closest to them are not who they seem to be, and the people they trust the least turn to out to be lifesavers. What will Kwad need to do to prove that he is a thug that loves his girl?