Royal Release

When A Thug Loves His Girl

Kymesha Garner is a young mother of two children fathered by deadbeat dad, Donovan Miles. She struggles every day, going to work faithfully to take care of her children while living in a drug infested public housing project. The kindness of a protective stranger, Kwad, changes her life for the better. He swoops into her life with all the comforts his dope money can buy and the need for a love like Kyme’s.

What starts as a fairy-tale romance morphs into a hellish nightmare when their bond is challenged by two murders, violations of trust, and questionable commitment. Is Kwad, the supreme boss of the streets, ready to be all the way in love?

Can Kyme find a peaceful place in his life…in his heart? Their story is an emotional roller-coaster ride, hopefully made for two.