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Who Do You Love? 2: Trapped in Love With a Thug - The Finale

In the last book of 'Who do you Love?', we left off with Mo being kidnapped. When everyone finally catches up to DeShon, they try to get Mo out safely without any harm. Brandon is in a dilemma once he finds out what happened between Tae and Mo. He doesn’t know what to do about the two of them. Tae is finding so many ways to jeopardize Brandon and Mo’s relationship until something big happens that all of them have to deal with.

Tanesha and Ace have so many obstacles to overcome. In the last book, we left off with them being split because of infidelity. They are trying to repair their relationship and problems keep coming their way. Jay is trying to win Tanesha back any way that he can. When someone from Ace’s past pops up causing even more problems, Jay might just get that chance.

Read and find out what happens with these couples in the finale of 'Who Do you Love?'.