Royal Release

Who Do You Love?: Trapped in Love with a Thug

23-year-old, Tanesha, thinks that she is in love with her boyfriend, DeShon, until he eventually shows his true colors and breaks her heart. Then one night while out with her girl, Moniece, the two women meet two ballers and they hit it off almost immediately.

Tanesha meets Ace, who seems to be the man of her dreams. After a night out, Tanesha stays out into the morning and that sets DeShon off into a jealous rage which leaves her in the hospital and DeShon nowhere to be found.

All Tanesha wants to do is to live her life in peace with Ace without worrying about anything else. But when Her first love, Jay, resurfaces with apologies and promises, it leaves her confused about what to do next. With two men in her life who refuse to back down and let her be with another, Tanesha is left deciding who it is that she really loves.