Royal Release

Who Needs A Savage When You Have A Beast

Paradise only knew the touch of one man, thinking she was getting the best of what passion was like. That was until she got the mark of a Beast. She soon realized that what she thought was love wasn’t and what she felt from a man’s touch was nothing compared to what she felt when she was touched by Angel A.K.A Beast.

Carlon had one problem, he loved getting involved with relationships way too quickly and most of the time things never work in his favor. However, his luck seems like it’s about to change when he re-connects with someone from his past. Can her get out of the dead-end relationship he finds himself before hurting the one he is destined to be with?

Nicholas is the baby of the bunch, and acts exactly like one. He’s spoiled rotten and thinks he can get into the pants of just about any woman he pleases. He meets Adrien at just the right time in his life, she’s everything he needs and knows how to keep him in check. Can he really change enough to finally embrace the one who truly has his back or will the lady called karma finally give him everything he’s dished out to others in the past instead?

Follow the Fuentes brothers as they try to convince the women they love that they don’t need a savage because the love they have to give is a BEAST!