Royal Release

The Wife Of A Cartel Boss 2

In this second installment the gang is back and fighting to keep the enemies out of their circle. Chicago and Dallas have two of the most ruthless cartel bosses known to man: Kinslei and Johan. Since their relationship started Kinslei and Johan have been on a rollercoaster ride. Nothing could stop or change the love they had for one another though. Will their love withstand the nemeses and hatred? At this point they would be considered a modern day Frank Lucas and Jemeker Thompson. They built their empires with blood sweat, and tears. Just like anything there’s always greedy, disloyal, and scandalous people lurking to take your spot. The strong have survived and the weak have been uncovered. Who will be left standing?
Follow me in my second installment of murder, dishonesties, and treachery to see who will be left standing.