Royal Release

Wife Of A Underground Street King:

After completing her first semester at Georgia State University, 19-year-old Rochelle “Ro” Turner thought that going into her second semester at college would be a piece of cake. She quickly learns she was wrong and life is against her. After losing her job, she needs money – quick. Will her need for money lead her to the wrong path?
Lamar Jacobs is the star running back at Ro’s college and has been kicking it with her for all of first semester. He’s not ready for a serious commitment, but Ro is. When he realizes that Ro is struggling financially he jumps at the chance to help her. When Lamar introduces Ro to the world of scamming, will she be able to learn the art of finessing?
Stone is the man to see in Atlanta. He has more money than he can count and he’s steadily adding to his empire. When a beautiful college girl starts working for him, he’s intrigued and falls for her smart lip and go getter ways. Stone is thinking of ways to wife Ro, while Ro has other plans. Will Ro fall for his advances and willingly become the wife of an underground king?