Royal Release

Wifed Up By The Plug

Real love is the source of true happiness but in a world full of fakes, it’s not always easy to find someone real.

Having loved and lost, Amina has dealt with enough no-good men to convince her that love is just not in the picture for her. It’s not until one deadly, unexpected, life-changing night leads her to meet a man by the name of Benz. Although he’s known as the man with no heart who has never considered love, Amina stops at nothing to be the woman to prove that Benz is capable of love. The problem is… she has no idea what awaits her once she’s wifed up by the plug.

Benz has all the major cities in Texas on lock. Nothing moves without his say so. He always keeps a low profile and, when someone had the chance to meet him, they are most likely about to take their last breath. The power and respect that he possesses was acquired very early in his life, and he was taught that you can’t have a heart while in the game because love will get you killed. But when Amina charges into his life unexpectedly, it takes him by surprise and forces him to make the biggest decision he’s ever had to in his life. When the streets come calling, will he regret breaking the one rule he was raised to uphold?

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