Royal Release

Young Love 2: Wrapped Up In A Thug

by Ari

British opened her heart only to have it shattered into a million pieces once again. Not only has she discovered that Malik is a liar, but he’s also married. A heartbroken British decides that she is done with him and the drama that he calls his life without allowing him to give her an explanation. She completely cuts him off and tries her best to erase him from her heart. She drowns herself in work and being the mother hen that she is, she begins to focus on helping her friends deal with the problems that they are experiencing as well. Soon after, British is presented with information that leads her to believe that Malik’s “Wife” may not have been completely honest with her about their situation. British is now faced with the reality of the situation and has to decide whether she is willing to give Malik a second chance or if she is completely done altogether.
Journey’s entire world was turned upside down after discovering that her boyfriend Tyler has been cheating on her with a man. To add to her problems, she has also been shunned by her family and is left to fend for herself. With her best friend’s help, she picks up the pieces and moves forward with a new perspective on life. Desperate for silence about his extracurricular activities, Tyler makes an attempt to speak with Journey about all that has happened, which only adds fuel to the fire. Journey wants nothing to do with him and has no plans to oust him. Tyler on the other hand, won’t take no for an answer. Stung by rejection, Tyler vows to get her back at all costs. Journey must muster up every ounce of courage she possesses in order to live her life no matter what is thrown her way.
Fatima’s life is thrown into full gear after learning of Band’s betrayal. His brother King delivered pertinent information which confirmed that Bands has been living a lie. King has his own agenda with his brother and teams up with Fatima to make Bands pay for all of the damage that he’s done. Once they set their plan in motion, Fatima unleashes a plan of her own that could ultimately put her on top. Never the one to fall for game, Fatima does anything she has to do to ensure that her plan works, all the while she continues to play both sides. She soon discovers that both King and Bands are cut from an entirely different cloth of their own. Although she knows that the dangerous game that she’s playing might cause her to lose her life, it’s a risk she’s willing to take.
Quiana is plagued with guilt after all that happened between her boyfriend Tank and her father. She constantly fights an internal battle between being with the man she loves and being with her family. All the while her boyfriend Tank does everything in his power to ensure that she is truly happy and never wants for anything. In an attempt to salvage her relationship with her parents, Quiana reaches out to them only to be turned away. Soon after, a major bomb is dropped, which devastates her and pushes her closer to Tank. But, when the unthinkable happens, Quiana soon begins to question the decisions that she’s made in her life altogether.
British, Journey, Fatima, and Quiana have an unbreakable bond. What happens when each one of them are dealing with their own demons? Will their sisterhood remain or will it perish?