Royal Release

Young Love In Memphis 3: Heart on Reserve

by B. Love

He’s baaacccckkkk! Finally, after seven years of being away from those he loved most, Lorenzo Bush returns home as a free man. Braille has waited for him and stuck by his side the entire time, but when he gets out… she’s not the only one with her eyes on him. They finally have their chance at a happily ever after. Will they take it… or will Lorenzo’s time away turn them into two completely different people when they get back together?

Hanif’s personal demons reared their ugly heads in part two, but Grace never left him. She didn’t take what he was going through personally. Now that her parents are back in the picture she too has to deal with personal issues. Will Hanif return the favor… or will he allow her past to hinder their future?

Vega wanted Jessica to be his the minute he laid eyes on her. He refused to let her stubbornness, her issues, or her relationship status keep him from getting her. Well, he has her now. Was his fight for her worth it… or will he regret the time and love he’s invested in her?

Take one last ride with these young couples to find out!