Royal Release

Young Love: Wrapped Up in a Thug

by Ari

British is known by her friends as the queen of hustle and once she has her mind set on something she makes it happen by any means necessary. Growing up with a crack head for a mother and no father figure, she knows struggle first hand. She learned at a young age that using your head and never your heart is the only way to survive. British refuses to be anyone’s crutch and has never let her guard down long enough to let a man into her life after suffering the biggest heartbreak that she would ever experience. Until she meets Malik, a hustler and entrepreneur with the mindset of a boss. Once he lays eyes on British he knows he has to have her and he will stop at nothing to win her heart.

Journey is an overachiever who grew up constantly being scrutinized. Nothing she ever did or said was good enough in her parent’s eyes. The constant mental abuse she suffered as a child has molded her to believe that she is not worthy of much. Now as a woman, she struggles with being true to who she truly is and always aims to please everyone around her. No one but her friends know the real her, not even her boyfriend Tyler whom she has been dating for 3 years. But when Journey finds that Tyler has some secrets of his own, she discovers that he is not the man she once thought she knew. In midst of it all, Journey finally sets out to find the woman she has always longed to be.

Fatima is the epitome of ghetto fabulous. Growing up as the middle child of 6 children and with a mother who cared more about her latest man then them, Fatima was left to fend for her siblings. Now she uses her assets to get her to wherever and to whomever she wants. Fatima A.K.A Stormy is the hottest stripper in Chicago and wears the title like a crown. Men fall at her feet and she has no shame in taking what’s hers. She meets Bands a young hustler who she believes has a good head on his shoulders. Fatima instantly takes a liking to him and they both set out to conquer the world together until a curve ball is thrown in the game. As she searches to find out the truth, Fatima finds herself in a dangerous situation that she can’t get herself out of. For the first time in her life she follows her heart instead of head.

Quiana is a preacher’s daughter and has always been taught to uphold the values that have been stored in her from birth. Suffering from constant beatings, has taught her to hide her pain and to always show a brave face no matter what. Quiana grows tired of being the sheltered naive girl after her parents press the issue of marriage. Quiana meets Tank, a drug dealing music producer who she finds herself falling for. Just when she starts to believe that her life has finally changed for the better, it all begins to crumble from underneath her. Quiana is left to sort out her feelings for Tank as well as deal with the backlash from her parents after they discover her deceit.

British, Journey, Fatima, and Quiana are four friends who grew up in the same hood. Growing up in Chicago has been tough on them all, but they managed to weather the storm together. Secrets, betrayal, and lies threaten to tear them apart. Can they manage to keep their bond intact or will circumstances tear them apart?