Royal Release

Your Heart Is Mine: A Criminal Romance

Daughter of a Queenpin, Layloni (Lay), has everything going for her and is about to graduate from college with her Bachelor of Business Administration. She has worked for her mother since she was a teenager and is looking forward to taking on more responsibilities in her mother’s businesses.

Lay has never really shown any interest in dating, because most men were thirsty for her family’s fame. However, Lay soon meets the one who catches her eye and their love affair begins. Because Lay is part of the Wilson family, often referred to as a gang who runs the city through terror, Lay tries her hardest to keep the affair a secret. But things hidden always come to the light and usually in the worst of ways. Will Lay be able to handle it when her private love becomes public?

Layloni's mother, Big Lee, has a big job trying to keep her empire in line, but the hidden secrets and lies that she managed to keep under raps have started to surface. The love that she has for her family has always been her main priority, but her personal life suffered due to the choices that she made. There will always be consequences and repercussions behind the decisions and Big Lee soon finds out that she can’t control everything, even if she is the richest woman in the hood.