Royal Release

Your Husband Belongs To Me

Can you handle the truth? If your significant other came home and told you, they had someone else, but they still loved you…would you agree to a polyamorous lifestyle? Don’t be so quick to say NO. You never know until it happens to you. Meet Yani…she’s a pampered princess who’s married to Dash. The honeymoon period has worn off and marital issues ensue. Most couples turn to therapy but not his couple. Dash drops a bomb on Yani and tells her that the only way to fix their marriage is to accept his girlfriend…into their home. This reality check stuns Yani into fighting for her marriage. She’s not willing to walk away from all she’s helped build but when she meets Dabria, her life goes from bad to worse. Both women have a point to prove and neither is willing to walk away before proving it. 

Dabria lives her life by her own rules and soon not only Yani but Dash will realize that three’s a crowd. When doors are opened to the unknown, it may be too late to undo the polygamist knot they’ve weaved.

As you flip the pages of the riveting story of Dash, Yani, and Dabria; secret relationships are revealed, betrayal discovered, and danger lurks in the shadows of this polyamorous relationship.

Hold on tight and brace yourself as these three worlds collide.