Royal Release

Your Husband, Our Man: The Wrong Kind of Love



There was a time when mistresses were quiet and faceless…now they're taking over and seems to be winning and coming out ahead.

When Ocean took her vows for better or worse, she never anticipated that the worse would come in a form of another woman who thought she deserved the #1 spot in her husband's life. Since when did you have to compete for you own husband?

That may sound like a silly question but for Ocean, it's all too real.

On the other hand, Ari feels as if she's met the man of her dreams but there's only one problem, he's married. From what he tell her, his marriage is on paper only but how long can that last and what happens when two women are in love with the same man and refuse to give in?

This story is told through the eyes of the mistress who feels she's more than earned her position, the wife who has secrets of her own and the husband who thinks he has everything under control. Everyone in this triangle is carrying a secret but whose secret is dark enough to shatter their lives in a million pieces?
The wrong kind of love will have you doing and accepting things you'd never thought you would.

Welcome to the craziest love triangle you'll every encounter and remember, never form an opinion until you understand all sides…