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Zahira & Yasir: A Majestic Love


Nothing is deadlier than the obsession with love and power…

Born to West Indian parents and growing up in a life of luxury, Zahira Kelly traveled the world, but no place could compare to her father's home, Jamaica. Jamaica was where she met her best friend and love of her life, Yasir. Life-threatening circumstances separated them, but once they are reunited, the memories created with him and her family on the beautiful island of Jamaica left her with sweet dreams and the worst nightmares of her life as the obsessions of enemies turned deadly.

Growing up in a small but comfortable workers’ house on the Kelly estate in Kingston, Jamaica, Yasir spent the first six years of his life only coming out for a few hours of the day because his mother feared for his life. Meeting Zahira changed him forever and gave him the ambition to strive for greatness. He did just that. Reunited with Zahira and with a strong team behind him, Yasir was on top of the world, or so he thought. Turning a blind eye to the obsessed could be his deadliest mistake yet.

Just as Yasir thinks he has rid himself of past enemies, the love between him and Zahira has conjured a new enemy close to him and deeply rooted in his personal and business life. Yasir finds himself fighting to protect the love of his life, family, and the empire he has worked so hard to get. Can their love survive deadly obsessions?

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