Dejah Rice

My name is Kadejah Rice. I am twenty two years old. I was born and raised in South Carolina. My love for urban fiction started when I was fifteen years old and read an urban fiction book for the first time. As time went on I became more intrigued with the art and dynamics of urban fiction books. After reading numerous of urban fiction books I wanted to sit down and write my own and that’s exactly what I did. I soon discovered that I loved writing just as much as I loved reading; although, I have to admit that I love writing just a tad bit more. Being able to make anything happen and being able to pour my imagination out and onto paper is definitely what made me love writing so much. It’s just something that I really enjoy sitting down and doing. Even when I’m not writing my mind is all over the place with ideas about what to make happen next and I love that. When I’m not writing or thinking of ideas for it I’m busy working third shift doing home health care which I also enjoy and love doing.