Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Infinity picked up the passion for writing at the age of 13. Reading became an escape outlet from the New York hustle. Using her imagination, she began penning stories with outrageous twist and obscene story lines. Throughout her middle school years, many of her classmates enjoyed reading these tales and pushed Infinity to go mainstream. Through the course of eight years, Infinity grew insecure about her writing style, giving up on her dreams of becoming an author. With a leap of faith, she pushed her insecurities to the side and took one more chance at writing.

In October of 2017, she signed with Royalty Publishing House. Her debut novel “ She Fell in Love with a New York Hitta: Tales Of a Dopefiend” dropped in November of 2017. The reading world fell in love with the characters of the series along with the unexpected plot twist in the end.
Starting her writing career off right, Infinity plans to deliver a number of series that’ll rattle up those emotions that you didn’t think you have. Stay tuned for what comes next from this authors crazy imagination.

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