It’s the Queen Pen Mo’Nik! I’m 34 and just recently moved to Orlando, FL from Cincinnati, OH but I was raised in Marietta, GA so I’ve lived in quite a few places. I’m the author of 10 books as of October 1, 2019 after having my first book published in June of 2017! I’m so very excited and thankful for the opportunity that Porscha Sterling has provided me with by making me a published author. I will forever have gratitude!

I’ve been writing professionally for 2 years and I also do some freelance writing, putting together bios for celebrity deejays. Oh and my personality ain’t for everybody BUUUUUTTTT I’ll definitely put a smile on your face and make you laugh. I’ve been dubbed #YaBoyfriendsFaveWriter and #YaFaveAuthorsFaveAuthor for a reason! You can find my books and other work on Amazon, EBay, in libraries, WattPad, on the LiT app, and on my blog!