Porschea Jade

“Nothing in life is to be feared. Only understood.” -Marie Curie.
Porschea Jade is a 24-year-old mother of four beautiful girls. Born and raised in down south Florida, writing was always a passion of hers to kill time. From little short stories to full blown novels, she loved the art of storytelling. On March 24th, she released her first book You Give Me Purpose to Love that got her name out as a new author in the urban fiction world. She recently just put out her first completed series The Vendetti Family: Money Murder Mayhem and plans on taking the urban fiction world by storm, she has more stories to tell and showing people that there are many ways to finesse the book game.
“Being a young mother of four, fear kept me from doing something that I always loved to do, write. Conquering that fear I became something that I am absolutely in love with, an author.” –Porschea Jade