Tabeitha Pollard

Tabeitha Pollard is a lifelong native of coastal Virginia. She is a single mother of five with her five-year-old son being diagnosed with autism at age 2. She spends her days writing and coming up with interesting recipes being that she is also a self- trained chef. She graduated from Hampton High School in Hampton, Virginia in 2000 where she went on to serve in the United States Army as a field medic and OR tech. Tabeitha holds degrees in Business Administration and Industrial Psychology and is currently working on her degree in Social Work.
Her writing career began as a child who loved to read. Living in a house full of domestic violence, she found solace in books and encyclopedia’s she stumbled on in the attic of her childhood home. She was told by her sixth grade English teacher that she had a career in writing if she kept it up and she did by writing poetry and short stories for friends and family.
She truly began her writing career after reading The Unspoken Walk by Marita Kinney, her friend from high school. She knew then that she would be able to write. She also cites Maya Angelou, Eric Jerome Dickey and Wahida Clark as her literary influences. She started off writing in the Urban Christian genre with her first book series Done in the Dark in 2015. She is now writing in the Urban/ Romance genre and is excited to continue her dreams of writing.
You can reach her on her social media sites:
Facebook: @Tabeitha Pollard
Instagram: @ms.tabeitha
Twitter: @vaprincess81