Teshera C

Teshera Cooper is a 27-year-old new author who hails from Norfolk, Virginia. She has a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Old Dominion University. While she has a passion for mental health and advocates for black excellence that has never stopped her from turning the vivid imagery that consumes her thoughts into short stories. She has been writing short stories since about 14 years old and drew inspiration from her upbringing and from her experiences from growing up in the “hood”. Each of the characters that she creates embodies someone that she has encountered; from the dope boys on the street corner to the hot in the pants girl who deep down inside just wants to be loved. Teshera is devoted to giving her readers a fast-paced and gritty thrill ride with a twist of hood love.  Writers who have inspired her include Terri woods, Sista Soulja, Carl Webber, Wahida Clark, Vickie Stranger, K’wan, Ashley & Jaquavis and countless others. The way that they can bring life into their characters with just the stroke of a pen is pure genius and that is what she aspires to do through her writing.

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