Tisha Andrews

Growing up, Tisha would get lost in stories that showed her a world she didn’t see, but a world she did see growing up in Miami. Captivated by the power of literature, in middle school she began writing short stories that many of her peers would get lost in.
While life led her down the road to becoming a mother, wife, and community activist advocating for youth in foster care, Tisha tucked her love for writing away. In 2015, after connecting with readers and authors through social media, Tisha revisited her love for reading and writing. She went on to pen her first novel, Real Love is Not For Sale in 2016 focusing on the ills of sex trafficking that still did not quell the need to give and receive love.
Tisha is best known for her series, The One That Got Away: A Miami Love Affair, after joining Royalty Publishing House in September 2016. That novel further built the platform where she weaves the message of love, even in the darkest situations.
In 2018, I was chosen to be in the Top 100 Authors under UBAWA (Urban Books, Authors and Writers of America) by readers and fellow authors.
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