Tracee Boyd

Tracee Boyd crashed into the literary scene in 2012.  Her books quickly caught attention of readers with the realistic storylines as well as her ability to shock her readers with different plot twist when you would never see coming.  Tracee has been called the “Queen of Plot Twists” and if you’ve read any of her books, you’ll see that she’s deserving of the nickname.
In her spare time, she enjoys writing, cooking, spending time with her two kids and loved ones.  Tracee is a great combination of sweet and sassy and it spills over into her storytelling.  Her novels will snatch you in and take you on a wild ride of reality and unexpected events.
She has written four novels, including one Urban Fiction Bestseller, Daddy’s Baby, Mamas Maybe.  Recently singed to Ambiance Books, Tracee intends to deliver some great stories that will make you cry, laugh out loud and say to yourself “how does she come up with this stuff.”
Tracee currently lives in Southfield, Michigan where she works in Human Resources. 
“Whatever your passion is in life, plant it, water it, and watch it grow!  Your life is your personal garden so it’s up to you what’s planted in your life and know when you need to pull weeds and give something attention.”  Tracee Boyd